Y3: Oral Presentation C Friday, 11:30 am � 12:00 pm C Lake Superior Ballroom O

DGPS Based Intelligent Vehicle Initiative: �Seeing� a Geospatial Database

Max Donath
University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies
211 Mechanical Engineering
111 Church Street Southeast
Minneapolis, MN  55455

Poor visibility conditions lead to a significant number of crashes each year, especially in the winter. A system will be presented, which provides the driver with a high fidelity representation of the local geospatial landscape through a Head Up Display. As the vehicle moves along a stretch of highway, the vehicle's Differential GPS derived position is used to pull data from this centimeter accuracy �digital map� and computes the projection perspective needed for registration with the driver�s eyes. The system allows the driver of the vehicle to see the 'computed' road boundaries projected on the 'actual' road boundaries, even if they are obscured by snow, rain, or darkness.