MN GIS/LIS Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Randy Johnson (2012)Randy Johnson

Randy has spent 16 years as a passionate evangelist for geospatial collaboration. He has worked to advance the cause of establishing MetroGIS - an organizational structure that is successfully sharing GIS data, including 8 Regional Data Solutions designed to become components of the NSDI, with the Regional Parcel Dataset being the crowning achievement. Randy�s zeal for data sharing has been infectious. The principals and methods pioneered by MetroGIS have set a norm for GIS data sharing and collaboration throughout Minnesota�s GIS community. Access to GIS data is an expectation of GIS professionals in Minnesota in part due to Randy Johnson�s dedication to GIS data sharing and the example he has set with MetroGIS.
Randy�s enthusiasm for GIS data sharing through organizational and policy development extended well beyond the bounds of the 7 county metro area. He participated on statewide efforts such as writing �A Foundation for Coordinated GIS Minnesota�s Spatial Data Infrastructure� (2004) and The Statewide Cadastral I-Plan (2002) and reviewing Data Practices issues and serving on Mn Governor�s Council on Geographic Information (GCGI) Data Committee.
Moreover, Randy has been recognized both nationally and internationally for his work. He wrote �Lessons from Practice � A Guidebook to Organizing and Sustaining Geodata Collaboratives� as a way to share his knowledge and experience with others. He was also instrumental in MetroGIS being awarded the URISA Exemplary Systems in Government award in 2002. And Randy served as a charter member on the National Geospatial Advisory Council, representing regions, from 2008-2010.

Lifetime 2009
Accepting the 2012 Lifetime Award for Randall Johnson was Katie and Willie Bittner (daughter and son-in-law)
with the MN GIS/LIS Consortium Chair Ben Verbick and Awards Committee Chair Mark Kotz. Katie accepted her
dad's award because he was in Africa enjoying retirement.

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