MN GIS/LIS Polaris Leadership Award Winner

Steve Lime
Department of Natural Resources - 2006

Steve Lime is Minnesota�s GIS professional with a global reach. As a researcher at the University of Minnesota during the 1990s, Steve was the developer of Minnesota MapServer, a pioneering effort in web mapping technology that preceded similar commercial product offerings. MapServer continues to thrive under Steve�s stewardship, emerging as the premier international open source web mapping engine. MapServer has thousands of installations worldwide, introducing the name �Minnesota� to most nations of the world. Also while at the UMN, Steve created (and still operates) The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse, a popular website for geo-spatial professionals. At home, Steve is the primary technical developer of the MapServer-based DNR Data Deli, providing significant data to the GIS community. He has helped many local organizations make use of MapServer and related technologies. He teaches a regular class at the University of Minnesota on Internet GIS and has taught workshops at numerous GIS/LIS conferences.


2006 Polaris Award recipient Steve Lime with nominator Randy Knippel.




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