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Firewise and GLO Plat Maps to Receive Commendations

By Will Craig, vice chair, Governor’s Council on Geographic Information


In 2006, we have two winners of Governor’s Commendations. This award is not given every year – only when exceptional projects are nominated. This is a banner year, with two exceptional projects to receive commendations at the annual MnGIS/LIS conference. The award winners are:


1)      Firewise in the Classroom
This program helps students from grades 6-12 learn about GIS/GPS technology, while they assist their communities by assessing fire risk of homes and neighborhoods. To date, 400 communities and 1,500 students have benefited from this project. Recognized organizations include:

  • Minnesota DNR Firewise Program (Tom Eiber, Dave Schuller)
  • GIS 4 Schools (Ken Pekarek)
  • Macalester College Department of Geography (Dr. David Lanegran, John S. Holl Professor of Geography)
  • MN Alliance for Geographic Education (Sara Damon)

More information about Firewise in the Classroom can be found at:


2)      Preserving GLO Plat Maps
This multi-agency effort preserved more than 3,600 of Minnesota’s original survey plat maps created by the General Land Office (GLO). These plat maps serve as the fundamental legal records for real estate in the state; all property titles and descriptions stem from them. They also serve as an essential resource for surveyors and as a rich source of information about the state’s physical geography prior to European settlement. More than 5,000 copies of these plat maps are viewed or downloaded each month. Recognized organizations include:

  • Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State (Mary Kiffmeyer - Secretary of State, Burt Black)
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation (Jay Krafthefer)
  • Minnesota Association of County Surveyors (David Claypool)
  •  Land Management Information Center (John Hoshal, David Arbeit, Norman Anderson)
  •  Minnesota Historical Society (Robert Horton, Benjamin Bloom)

More information about the Historic GLO Plat Maps can be found at:


The criteria call for quantitative and qualitative evidence of the impact that a project has had on the Minnesota community. We ask that the impact be felt beyond the home agency and that the project supports the goals of the Governor’s Council on Geographic Information. For more information on the award and the projects, see