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Soil Data Viewer for ArcGIS 9.1 – Just Released


Soil Data Viewer has been updated and can now be used with both ArcGIS 9.0 and 9.1! Soil Data Viewer is a tool built as an extension to ArcMap that allows a user to create soil-based thematic maps. The application can also be run independently of ArcMap, but output is then limited to a tabular report.


The installation package for Soil Data Viewer 5.1 for general use can be obtained from the Soil Data Viewer website at If you are a USDA employee, you must get the installation package from the CCE website. The installation package available at the general site will refuse to install Soil Data Viewer 5.1 on a USDA CCE platform. Note: the functionality of the two versions of Soil Data Viewer is identical. Only the installation packages differ.


Online versions of the User Guide for Soil Data Viewer 5.1 and 5.0 are available at  In addition, the Supplemental Documents page of the Soil Data Viewer website includes a variety of documents that discuss processes related to the Soil Data Viewer application that are not covered in the User Guide.