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Help Us Build Minnesota’s Shared Services Infrastructure
David Arbeit, Office of Geographic and Demographic Analysis

Pursuing a vision for statewide integration of GIS described by the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Geographic Information in A Foundation for Coordinated GIS: Minnesota's Spatial Data Infrastructure (2004), the Land Management Information Center has developed a Web-based survey to catalog computer applications, services and shared software components that may potentially support a statewide GIS infrastructure. The catalog would serve as an important component of a services-oriented geospatial architecture described in a 2005 Council white paper, Minnesota State GIS Enterprise Conceptual Architecture Design.

The Geospatial Services Catalog extends the successful approach for data searches used by the Minnesota Geographic Data Clearinghouse to web services that can be shared. Just as metadata records allow users to search for available data, the Geospatial Services Catalog will use catalog descriptions to search for applications and shared services. The idea is to develop once and make it available for many to use. Need some examples? How about a geocoding service that returns a reliable coordinate for addresses provided by your business application? Or how about display of the latest high-resolution imagery as a backdrop for your application, without the need for redundant storage?


We need your help! Building an effective catalog will require a community effort. Please visit the Geospatial Services Survey site at and document services you know about. While there, you also will find a more complete explanation of the shared services idea, examples of useful geospatial services and applications that already exist, and tools to search the catalog of documented services.


The inventory and catalog service was developed by the Land Management Information Center, which will continue to maintain it on behalf of the Minnesota geospatial community.


For more information, contact either Fred Logman at, 651-201-2495, or David Arbeit at, 651-201-2460.