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FSA Photo Update: 2006 Available; 2008 Planned
By Chris Cialek and Nancy Rader, Land Management Information Center

Summer air photos from the Farm Service Agency have been widely used across the state. Minnesota last received one-meter ortho imagery for the entire state in 2003-04. Subsequent flights have been completed for most of the state at a two-meter resolution for 2004, 2005, and 2006. Planning is underway for a full state flight in 2008. All photos from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) are natural color, leaf-on. One-meter imagery has higher horizontal positional accuracy than does the two-meter.

Further information about NAIP can be found at:

2006 two-meter imagery

Center-pivot irrigation in Becker County

Most of Minnesota was flown in 2006.

Sales Section
USDA Farm Service Agency
Aerial Photography Field Office
2222 West 2300 South
Salt Lake City UT 84119-2020
Tel: 801-975-3503
Fax: 801-975-3532

2008 one-meter imagery

Minnesota has an opportunity to participate in a joint-funding agreement that could bring full state coverage DOQs at one-meter resolution in the summer of 2008. Two-thirds of the cost of the project is scheduled to be funded by federal agencies if one-third of the cost can be financed by partners within Minnesota. The state’s commitment to this state-federal partnership will need to be formalized within the next few months. Details include:

  • Benefits of a Partnership
    • Full statewide coverage of one-meter NAIP imagery
    • Unrestricted access and use policy
    • Cost sharing offers a big return for a relatively small investment
  • Cost to the Partners
    • Statewide coverage: ~ $1.3 million
    • Federal agencies have committed two-thirds of that cost, leaving the state share under $450,000
    • Minnesota has the option to gather its share as a combination of intra-state agreements.
    • These funding agreements must be completed this fall with payment made to FSA early in 2008.
    • LMIC will coordinate all funding agreements among state partners and develop a joint funding agreement between FSA and the state.
    • Options for individual partners to negotiate certain buy-up features (for example: higher resolution imagery) is being explored.

 For further details, see the NAIP Partnership Agreement Information Sheet, August 2006:

Questions? Contact Chris Cialek at the Land Management Information Center: or 651-201-2481 or see: