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GISc Certificate Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato
By Fei Yuan and Donald A. Friend, Minnesota State University, Mankato

The Department of Geography at Minnesota State University – Mankato launched a new certificate program in Geographic Information Science (GISc) at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

With a focus on educating students, MSU hosts one of the finest GISc facilities in the country. The GIS computer lab has 25 powerful workstations. The Cartography lab has 13 Mac stations with dual processors. Both labs host the full suite of ESRI, Leica-Geosystems, and Adobe software. Additionally, GRASS GIS, Crime Analyst, TransCAD, IDRISI, S-Plus, SPSS, and other geo-analytic software is available. All machines are networked by Gigabit fast Ethernet. More than four terabytes are devoted to GISc server memory.

GISc Lab with PCs                                              GISc Lab with Macintosh 

The GISc Certificate program outline is below:

Geographic Information Science Certificate

Undergraduate (18-20 semester credits) Graduate (18-20 semester credits)
Required Core Courses (12 cr.) Required Core Courses (12 cr.)
- GEOG 373 Introductory GIS (4) - GEOG 573 Intermediate GIS (4)
- GEOG 473 Intermediate GIS (4) - GEOG 574 Intro. Remote Sensing (4)
- GEOG 474 Intro. Remote Sensing (4) - GEOG 670 Issues in Geographic Techniques (4)
Required Elective Courses
   Choose TWO (6-8 cr.)
Required Elective Courses
   Choose TWO (6-8 cr.)
- GEOG 439 Transportation Geog. (4) - GEOG 539 Transportation Geog. (4)
- GEOG 471 Digital Field Mapping
     with GPS (4)
- GEOG 571 Digital Field Mapping
     with GPS (4)
- GEOG 475 Adv. Remote Sensing (4) - GEOG 575 Adv. Remote Sensing (4)
- GEOG 476 Spatial Statistics (3) - GEOG 576 Spatial Statistics (3)
- GEOG 478 Spatial Analysis (3) - GEOG 578 Spatial Analysis (3)
- GEOG 479 GIS Practicum (4) - GEOG 579 GIS Practicum (4)
- GEOG 480 Environmental Hazards (3)  - GEOG 580 Environmental Hazards (3)

The new GISc program is now listed on the GIS Certification Institute website, It is also listed among other schools as one that offers certificates and training to become a Certified GIS professional (

Please contact us with any questions:

Department of Geography
Armstrong Hall 7
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: 507-389-2617
Fax: 507-389-2980