Spring 2008

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

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Higher Education
Dangermond to Speak
UofM Career Day
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Borchert Remembered
Two Minnesotans on NGAC
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Free GPS Visualizer
Global Incident Map
Russian GPS Update


Using GPS With Maps
Adapted from USGS SILS Bulletin

Confused about how to use a Global Positioning System (GPS) with a topographic map? Using GPS With Maps is a package containing a DVD, a coordinate ruler and a practice map that will provide you with a hands-on guide. GPS with Maps is ideal for trip planning and finding your position in the field. It takes you step-by-step through the basics of a topographic map, latitude/longitude and the UTM coordinate systems. The DVD explains how to make your map and GPS work together to get the most out of any outdoor adventure. Explaining the global positioning system setup takes the mystery out of using a GPS unit with standard U.S. Geological Survey paper maps.

The coordinate scale grid ruler has an exclusive slot design which creates a 4-edged ruler that accurately measures positions in both coordinate systems on 1:24,000-scale USGS maps. Units of measure include meters, miles, minutes-seconds, and decimal minutes. You can use the coordinate ruler and the practice map to enter a map position into your GPS and to transfer the GPS coordinates back to the map.

This product was not produced by USGS but is available from the USGS Science Information and Library Services (SILS) in Denver. To place an order, call the SILS offices at 1-888-ASK-USGS, or go online to the USGS store at:  

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Price: $19.95