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Soil Data Viewer 5.2 Released to Public; Web Soil Survey Revision Online
By Danielle Evans, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Soil Data View 5.2 (public version)

Soil Data Viewer is a tool built as an extension to ArcMap that allows a user to create soil-based thematic maps. The latest release, SDV 5.2, is compatible with ArcGIS 9.2 on non-USDA platforms.

The application can also be run independently of ArcMap; however, output is then limited to a tabular report without maps. Additional requirements and installation instructions are listed on the SDV download page:

The soil survey attribute database associated with the spatial soil map is a complicated database with more than 50 tables. SDV provides users access to soil interpretations and soil properties while shielding them from the complexity of the soil database. Each soil map unit, typically a set of polygons, may contain multiple soil components that have different use and management. SDV makes it easy to compute a single value for a map unit and display results, relieving the user from the burden of querying the database, processing the data and linking to the spatial map. SDV contains processing rules to enforce appropriate use of the data. This provides the user with a tool for quick geospatial analysis of soil data for use in resource assessment and management.


Web Soil Survey

The Web Soil Survey website from NRCS ( provides an option for viewing soil maps online. For details on the latest enhancements, see the Summer 2007 article.