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MetroGIS Takes First Step to Define Role Related to Addressing Shared Application Needs
By Randall Johnson, MetroGIS Staff Coordinator

Effective April 23, 2008, MetroGIS launched a multi-faceted approach to pursue solutions to application and web service needs shared by its stakeholders. Major outcomes proposed to be achieved before year end include:

  • Secure a full time Technical Coordinator to join the MetroGIS staff support team

  • Define and prioritize specific shared application and web service needs for which MetroGIS should pursue collaborative solutions.

  • Make substantive progress to implement a regional address points dataset.

  • Make substantive progress to achieve sustainable, standardized datasets for four emergency response related data types (schools, police stations, hospitals, and fire stations) as components of a statewide effort.

  • Complete development of an open source geocoding application that runs with the regional parcel, street centerline, and pending regional address points datasets.

  • Define outcomes for a fully developed geographic data, applications and service broker.

  • Populate metadata for the new GeoService Finder, including development of a template to promote standardization of the metadata.

These projects represent the culmination of needs defined during development of MetroGIS’s 2008-2011 Business plan and more specifically recommendations from the workshop hosted by MetroGIS on January 24, 2008, entitled "Meeting Shared Geospatial Needs Beyond Data". For more information about the January 24 workshop and the subsequent deliberations that resulted in adoption of the next steps listed above, please go to

If you would like to participate in any of the cited projects, please contact Randall Johnson, MetroGIS Staff Coordinator, at 651-602-1638 or