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McLeod County Hops on the GeoMoose
By Christy Christensen, McLeod County GIS Director

McLeod County contracted for LiDAR and Orthophotography in 2007. As the deliverables were coming in December 2007, we needed a way to make this data available to the public over the web. In a conversation with Jim Bunning, Scott County GIS Manager, he mentioned GeoMoose as an option.

After a few more phone calls and some wonderful assistance from Randy Knippel, Dakota County GIS Manager, McLeod County was on its way to GeoMoose. GeoMoose (, an open source web mapping application, was just the tool we needed. It was affordable and accomplished our goals.

A few months later Brian Fischer, Houston Engineering GIS Project Manager, had us up and running. He set up two options for interactive maps: one that includes all layers, and one that focuses on property information. The 2007 orthophotos and 10-foot contours generated from the 2007 LiDAR flight are included in both options. The orthophotos are the default background at all scales, and the contours become visible when the user zooms into a small area.
To access the maps and the detailed help page, go to: and click on “Interactive Web Maps”.
The results and feedback were immediate. From August 2007 through May 2008 our statistics included 6961 visitors with a total hit count of 2,199,368. Many people called to say, “This is great!!!” Here are a sample of uses: Realtors and appraisers are comparing properties and valuations, emergency services are familiarizing themselves with the county (soon they will have this data in their vehicles accessing it by laptops), and recreational users are measuring the route they walk or crosscountry ski for their exercise. Contours are being used by surveyors and staff.
Even though the application is very easy to use and the statistics indicated its success, local organizations and banks wanted more. At their request, McLeod County GIS staff conducted several special training sessions to familiarize these organizations with the new resource.

The Moose may be just the tool you are looking for. It was for us.

More Information
For more information, visit the McLeod County GIS Website, or contact Christy Christensen at or 320-234-0230.