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MetroGIS Geocoder Web Service – Address Mapping Made Easy
By Nancy Read, Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

Do you need address look-up in your application? MetroGIS has sponsored development of a web service that takes url-encoded address or intersection requests and returns closest matches with their latitude-longitude coordinates, in XML, CSV or JSON formats. Using this service you can add address or intersection geocoding to a web mapping application or any application that needs spatially-derived information for addresses, without having to store your own local copy of the underlying data.

Applications taking advantage of this service include MMCD’s citizen request call tracking system and web mapping site, and projects underway at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Scott County, and the Metropolitan Council (see

Current and Planned Datasets

The service, hosted at the Land Management Information Center, is currently set up to use the 7-county metro parcel dataset and cascades, as needed, to metro-area street ranges from The Lawrence Group (TLG). In the future we hope to use the metro Address Points dataset as a base. If there is enough demand, a second service could be set up to use the larger TLG street dataset, or other statewide or larger-area sets of streets, parcels or points.

Create Your Own Service

The service uses Open Source "PAGC" geocoder software first developed in Canada for batch geocoding of national datasets, revised for a multi-user environment. The software and documentation are freely available for download from the MetroGIS website (, so you have the option to set up your own service to run on your own dataset as well. You can also add or sponsor adding functionality to the geocoder software and share it with others.


Data Request (url-encoded) – try this link to see XML response.


For more information, contact Nancy Read at or 651-643-8386.