Spring 2009

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

Table of Contents

MN GIS/LIS Consortium

From the Chair
Conference Planning
Volunteer Opportunities
Scholarship Winners

Drive to Excellence Update
USNG in Minnesota
Mn/DOT GIS Portal
LCC-GIS and Redistricting

Governor's Council
CTU and USNG standards out for review
Next Generation 9-1-1

Services Forum Results
Address Point Synchronization

Tracking Utility Trucks
Watershed E. coli Study

Mapping Floods
Improvng Flood Maps
Height Modernization

URISA Skills Survey
MHS Map Exhibit

Randy Johnson, ESRI GIS Hero

Other Places
Web 2.0 for Local Government
Economics and Place



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Table of Contents for Spring 2009, Issue 56
PDF for Issue 56, Spring 2009

MN GIS/LIS Consortium
From the Chair, By Rebecca Foster, 2009 Chair
MN GIS/LIS 2009 Fall Conference Planning, By Jeff Storlie, 2009 Conference Chair
MN GIS/LIS Consortium Volunteers Needed, By Rebecca Foster, 2009 Chair
Scholarship Competition Winners, 2008, By Chad Martini, Scholarship Chair

Drive to Excellence Enterprise GIS Project Takes a Big Step Forward, By Fred Logman and David Arbeit, Office of Geographic and Demographic Analysis
Implementing The National Grid In Minnesota, By Randy Knippel, Dakota County Office of GIS
New On the Web: Mn/DOT GIS Portal, By Susan Bousquet, Minnesota Department of Transportation
LCC-GIS Open Source and Redistricting Efforts, By Lee Meilleur, Legislative Coordinating Commission GIS Office

Governor's Council
Three New State Geospatial Standards Proposed, By Mark Kotz, Co-Chair, Standards Committee, Governor’s Council on Geographic Information
The Role of GIS in Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG 9-1-1), By Gordon Chinander, Metropolitan Emergency Services Board, and Jackie Mines, Minnesota Department of Public Safety
GIS at the Republican National Convention,
By Will Craig, Minnesota Governor’s Council on Geographic Information

MetroGIS Launches New Web Services Workgroups, By Mark Kotz, Chair, MetroGIS Technical Leadership Workgroup
MetroGIS Address Point Repository Synchronization Pilot Developed by Carver County, By Peter Henschel, GIS Supervisor, Carver County

Mapping Rochester Public Utility Service Trucks in Real-Time Using ArcGIS, GPS, and Web Service Technologies, By Ryan Moore, GIS Specialist, Rochester Public Utilities
Little Cannon River E. coli Assessment, By Beau Kennedy, Goodhue County SWCD

Mapping a Flood … Before It Happens, Adapted from USGS press release
Improving Flood Map Accuracy, From National Academies Press
Minnesota Participates in National Height Modernization Program,
By David Zenk PE, PLS, National Geodetic Survey Advisor in Minnesota

Technical Requirements Change, From 2007 URISA Salary Survey for IT/GIS Professionals, By Will Craig, University of Minnesota
Historical Society's Extensive Map Collection Featured in “Minnesota on the Map”, Adapted from MHS press release 

Randy Johnson, Hennepin County Commissioner, a "GIS Hero"

Other Places
Google” Government 2.0?
Resource Magazine Articles on Economics and Place,
From the RFF website