Spring 2009

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

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MN GIS/LIS Consortium

From the Chair
Conference Planning
Volunteer Opportunities
Scholarship Winners

Drive to Excellence Update
USNG in Minnesota
Mn/DOT GIS Portal
LCC-GIS and Redistricting

Governor's Council
CTU and USNG standards out for review
Next Generation 9-1-1

Services Forum Results
Address Point Synchronization

Tracking Utility Trucks
Watershed E. coli Study

Mapping Floods
Improvng Flood Maps
Height Modernization

URISA Skills Survey
MHS Map Exhibit

Randy Johnson, ESRI GIS Hero

Other Places
Web 2.0 for Local Government
Economics and Place



From the Chair
By Rebecca Foster, 2009 Chair
The Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium Board of Directors and committees are already working hard to represent all of you for 2009. I am excited to serve as chair for the 2009 board of directors and work with a great group of GIS professionals. I want to thank the outgoing board and welcome the incoming one. We have some returning directors and some new faces this year.
Please welcome this year’s board of directors:
  • Rebecca Foster, Chair – City of Edina
  • Steve Benson, Chair-Elect – Minnesota DNR
  • Sally Wakefield, Past Chair Ex Officio – 1000 Friends of Minnesota
  • Carla Coates, Treasurer – Ramsey County GIS
  • Sarah Schrader, Secretary – Goodhue County
  • Jeff Storlie, Conference Chair – St. Louis County
  • Stacey Stark, Conference Chair-Elect – University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Dr. Ben Richason, Higher Education – Saint Cloud State University
  • Kari Geurts, State Government – Minnesota DNR
  • Jennifer Wittkopf, Local Government – City of Prior Lake
  • Heidi Gaedy, Private Sector – de maximis Data Management Solutions, Inc.
  • Leanne Knott, At-Large – City of Red Wing
  • Joshua Gumm, Governor's Council Ex Officio – Scott County GIS
  • Nancy Rader, LMIC Ex Officio – Land Management Information Center 

Board Meetings: At the January Board meeting, Ewald Consulting, the Consortium’s management and event planner, offered us a Board Leadership Training class on how to become high-performing board members by learning how to run and be a part of efficient meetings and build an achievable annual plan. In February, the board built their annual plan for 2009 at our full-day Strategic Retreat. Remember, all board members are eager to support the Consortium’s mission: To develop and support the GIS professional in Minnesota for the benefit of our state and its citizens. Feel free to contact your representative or any board member should you have comments, suggested goals or concerns about the organization. Full contact information for each director can be found here.

Membership is Free: Members include GIS/LIS professionals from local, state, and federal government agencies; business and industry; educational institutions; and nonprofits. Anyone can become a member by signing up at our website, or, if you’re already a member, please review your Member Profile and update if needed. I don’t want you to miss out on an important training opportunity, E-Announcement of current events, or the quarterly newsletter.
Spring Workshops: The board is developing a multi-topic slate of GIS/LIS-related workshops to be held at Mn/DOT's Arden Hills training facility on Thursday, May 21, 2009. We’ll keep you posted via E-announcements!
2009 Fall Conference and Workshops: This year's conference is returning to Duluth on October 21-23rd. If you are interested in working on this year’s event, or simply want to make a comment or suggestion, contact this year's Conference Chair, Jeff Storlie, at:
Opportunities to get involved: While board positions are elected, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer and make a difference, without having to run for office! Goals for each of the committees can be reviewed in the Volunteers Needed article. Please visit our website to see the list of committees that would welcome your help along with contact information for each chair.
Newsletter: Remember – all members are invited and encouraged to submit articles to about GIS projects, activities and events to this quarterly newsletter. Please consider submitting an article or encouraging others to contribute a piece about an interesting project or topic. Suggested length of articles is a few paragraphs with related links and/or supporting graphics. The Consortium is a member-driven organization and relies on the greater community to distribute informative and timely information.
Thank you to all the members that keep the Consortium strong through participation! The board and I look forward to serving your interests in the coming year.