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New On the Web:  Mn/DOT GIS Portal
By Susan Bousquet, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) employees have a new tool available on the web to search for spatial information. The Enterprise GIS Services Unit (EGIS) in the Office of Information and Technology Services recently made a GIS Portal available to Mn/DOT staff. The new tools provide users a focal point for finding out what spatial information is available in and around Minnesota. Although this release is only available internally, it should be available externally in the next release in the coming months.

The GIS Portal is a catalog and map viewer for spatial information from Mn/DOT and other agencies and states. Both text and map-based searches are available to query for information. The data may be local or statewide. Metadata identifies area of geographic coverage, data steward, update frequency and other important information for each data set. For example, users could search for “highways” and find information such as major roads, reference posts, average annual daily traffic (AADT), and final Right of Way maps. Users will find direct links for the information and have the ability to view and save map and text-based queries.

The initial release of the GIS Portal provides access to some of the more frequently used spatial data in several ways, including individual data layers, web mapping services which contain several data layers, imagery and access to applications and static maps. Examples of information and service categories include:

  • Data Categories:
    • Cadastral
    • Elevation
    • Geodetic Control
    • Geology
    • Governmental Units
    • Land Use/Land Cover
    • Transportation
  • Applications and Consumable Data Categories:
    • Applications
    • Mn/DOT Services
    • Non-Mn/DOT Services or Clearinghouses

Dan Ross, Supervisor of the EGIS Unit, said, “The new GIS Portal meets one of the EGIS Unit’s strategic objectives to make data from multiple business areas, organizations and agencies available in a single location.”

The GIS Portal is a dynamic site. Additional information will be published as it becomes available. Stewards of data from anywhere within Mn/DOT can also submit their spatial information for publishing.

The site was developed using ESRI’s  Portal Toolkit, mostly out-of-the-box for this version. The Portal uses both Image Server services and external image services – see a previous article about Mn/DOT’s use of Image Server to distribute imagery within the department.

For questions or additional information, contact Dan Ross at or 651-366-4077.