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Fillmore County: Point of Beginning
By Danea Swenson, GIS Coordinator, Fillmore County
Fillmore County created the GIS Coordinator position in January 2006. In prior years, several individuals created and updated the GIS data and maps which were mainly used by the Assessors’ Office for parcel mapping and by the Soil and Water Conservation District. The establishment of the coordinator position was essential due to the Enhanced 911 Addressing System that was implemented in Spring 2006. Currently, the coordinator is the county’s only GIS staff and is based in the Recorder’s Office.
Fillmore County has worked closely with Pro-West & Associates to create a series of GIS websites, accessible from the main GIS webpage. These include GIS public, subscription, and intranet sites that allow users at all levels to access and utilize the county GIS data.
The county also has implemented a 911 mapping system with routing capabilities using the county GIS data for dispatchers to provide location and directions to all emergency officials. In Spring 2008, the county purchased Pictometry and implemented the software for employee use only at this time.
Fillmore County has had positive feedback regarding the websites, and several departments have experienced decreased call volume due to the online availability of the data. The county plans to continue implementing upcoming GIS technology.
For more information, contact Danea Swenson at or 507-765-2806.