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GIS Collaboration – City of Prior Lake & Scott County
By Jim Bunning, Scott County, and Jennifer Wittkopf, City of Prior Lake
The lines between the City of Prior Lake and Scott County are slowly becoming blurry. The Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency (SCALE) was formed in the spring of 2003 to encourage greater efficiencies and leadership in public service through enhanced communication, collaboration of services, and sharing of resources. Members include elected and appointed officials from the cities, schools, and townships within the county, the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, and Scott County.
Both Scott County and Prior Lake have participated in SCALE since its inception. Recently, City Manager Frank Boyles and County Administrator Gary Shelton have directed key staff in both the city and the county to come up with some technology initiatives to move ahead with starting in January 2010. One of the initiatives identified was creating a shared GIS platform.
In 2005 on behalf of SCALE, Scott County began installing a fiber optic network, connecting cities, schools, and the county to each other and to the 511 Building (The Minnesota Technology Center) in Minneapolis as part of the 800 MHz emergency system. With the lighting up of the fiber ring, every city and the county can now function as one contiguous network, and initiatives such as the Prior Lake – Scott County Technology Collaboration can take place.
The GIS initiative will begin by incorporating all of Prior Lake’s GIS data into Scott County’s enterprise GIS. Prior Lake has undertaken steps to convert all shapefiles into personal geodatabase format (PGDB), update and create metadata, and convert all old ArcView APR-format files to ArcGIS Desktop MXD format. Once this has been completed, Scott County will import all the data from the PGDBs into SDE. Sharing data from one source point will eliminate duplication of information and staff efforts. For example, Prior Lake currently downloads county parcels a few times per year, for storage and use on the city’s local network. When the city has direct access to the county’s parcel dataset, all staff will be able to use the most current parcel information with no additional staff time needed to download and format the data.
Finally, the city’s data can be incorporated into the existing Scott County online mapping sites. Future benefits of the enterprise system could include online mapping applications that allow city staff to update data sets such as address points and parcel zoning.
For more information on the GIS Collaboration, contact: