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Public Review Requested for Proposed Stormwater Data Standard
By Mark Kotz, Chair, MnGeo Standards Committee

The MnGeo Standards Committee is requesting that stakeholders review and comment on a proposed new draft standard – the Digital Stormwater System Data Exchange Standard for Minnesota.  This draft standard was developed by a multidisciplinary team of state, county, city and private sector representatives.  It has been approved for public review by the Standards Committee; the deadline for comments is December 15, 2010.

Why Propose this Standard?

Many cities, townships, and other entities collect data on geographic features that comprise their stormwater systems, which convey stormwater runoff through a sequence of pipes, channels, and treatment devices, and include structural devices such as manholes or sumps.  Typically the systems discharge into surface water or a point of infiltration.  The proposed draft standard defines a set of specifications for the exchange of digital stormwater system data.  The standard was created to increase the ease and efficiency with which this data can be compiled for multiple organizations into a single system, or shared by adjacent owners of stormwater systems.

While there is no requirement that any entity in Minnesota comply with this standard, it is offered to provide a single, sanctioned output format that will facilitate efficient data handling and integration.

Review Procedure and More Information

All GIS practitioners who may be affected by this standard are urged to review it and provide comments or suggestions.  More information about this standard and the process for commenting can be found on the stormwater standard page.

Next Steps

Once the public review period is over, the Stormwater System Workgroup will address the comments and revise the standard where appropriate.  The Committee then plans to approve the standard as provisional until January 1, 2012, during which time the standard will be more extensively tested in a pilot implementation study.  Public comments on the provisional version will be welcome as well.