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Goodhue County Wins ESRI Award
Adapted from ESRI website

Goodhue County’s Surveyor and GIS Department was selected for a 2010 Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award from ESRI.

Goodhue County has grown their GIS program in three main areas in recent years:

  1. Forming a county-wide GIS users group:  The county provides GIS services such as data or map creation to all participating agencies. Participating cities with populations from 1,000 up to 16,000 now have equal access to GIS technology and their data via a county-hosted ArcIMS site.
  2. Publishing several GIS Web applications:  An application for citizens to view how FEMA flood zone map changes affect their property decreased attendance at public meetings. An application that locates historic places and their details benefits county and historical society staff and the public. Another application calculates area of green acres coverage for each parcel and benefits the Assessors Department.
  3. Improving data management:  Software licenses for the Public Works Department and SWCD were added through the county’s ESRI Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA). The SDE environment has increased security of the GIS datasets. Departments now maintain their own data.

Sarah Schrader accepted the award on behalf of the department at this year’s ESRI International User Conference in San Diego. The development team included Lisa Hanni, Sarah Schrader, and Alan Laumeyer.

For more detail, see the Goodhue SAG Award webpage, the full list of 2010 SAG Award winners, and the Goodhue County GIS webpage.

Editor’s Note:  Target Corporation is the other Minnesota recipient of an ESRI SAG award this year -- further information is not yet available.