Winter 2011

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

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From the Chair
Polaris Awards
Scholarship Winners
Scholarship Fundraising Results

New Air Photos
DEED Job Search Application

Governor's Commendation


MetroGIS Quantify Public Value Project

Emergency Warning Routes
Hennepin Crime Maps
McLeod Culvert & Spraying Inventories
Cemetery Maps

Emerald Ash Borer Maps

New ESRI policy for Non-profits

Other Places
Geospatial Revolution Videos



From the Chair
By Steve Benson, 2010 Chair

Like every other year, this one went by fast.  Just as you feel like you’re getting a solid handle on performing the Chair position, the year is gone.  You also realize that the Board is made up of highly intelligent, motivated professionals, and that they are the major source of ideas, innovation and implementation of Board activities.  Conference and workshop planning goes on throughout the year, and the other work of running the Consortium and working on member services and outreach moves along well.

Board Accomplishments:  We reviewed potential new web software, but declined due to cost and insufficient improvements in functionality.  We continue working towards a better database of Consortium member activities to assist members with documenting their activities for GISP certification.  We set up the Scholarship Fund as a separate account, and registered with to simplify the process of donating to the fund.  And, we made multiple moves towards assuring that conference funding is in compliance with statutes governing public employees.

2010 Fall Conference and Workshops:  Stacey Stark and her team did an excellent job bringing together one of our largest conferences, with 515 people attending.  Many of the workshops sold out.  The scholarship fundraising hit a new peak this year as well.  Thank you to all those who worked, volunteered and put in time and energy to make this 20th anniversary one of the best conferences yet.  If you’ve never worked on the conference committee, please consider doing so for next fall’s conference in St. Cloud.  The adage “many hands make light work” applies to conference work.

Spring Workshops:  The 2011 spring workshop date is set for Thursday, May 26.  This year’s full-day slate of workshops will be held at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.  Dr. David Kelley has volunteered to chair the workshops.  Some of the fall conference workshops were filled, and the spring workshops are an opportunity to attend a session you may have missed, along with many other quality training sessions.  If you would like to volunteer to help or have ideas for workshop topics, please drop us a note at

21st Annual Conference:  We’re moving back to St. Cloud next year (October 5-7, 2011), and Tami Maddio from the City of Eagan is the 2011 Conference Chair.  Planning usually begins in January, but help is needed throughout the year.  Please email Tami at if you would like to contribute to organizing sessions, entertainment, facilities, workshops, or any of the other duties that need to be handled to ensure another successful conference.