Spring 2011

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

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Will Craig, UCGIS Fellow
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From the Chair
By Sarah Schrader, 2011 Chair

Spring should be on its way soon...  Thank you to everyone who voted in the board elections this past fall.  Board members represent Consortium activities and sectors and are elected by you, our membership.  Thank you to all outgoing board members and welcome to our new board.

2011 Board of Directors

  • Sarah Schrader, Chair – Goodhue County
  • Ben Verbick, Chair-Elect – LOGIS
  • Steve Benson, Past Chair Ex Officio – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Rebecca Foster, MnGeo Statewide Geospatial Advisory Council Liaison – City of Edina
  • Kari Geurts, Treasurer – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Jesse Adams, Secretary – North Point Geographic Solutions
  • Tami Maddio, Conference Chair – City of Eagan
  • Alison Wieckowicz, Conference Chair-Elect – Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Dr. David Kelley, Higher Education – University of St. Thomas
  • Bart Richardson, State Government – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Adam Snegosky, Local Government – Washington County
  • Blaine Hackett, Private Sector – GIS Rangers
  • Joshua Gumm, At-Large – Scott County
  • Nancy Rader, MnGeo Ex Officio – Minnesota Geospatial Information Office

The board began 2011 by diving into planning the annual fall conference as well as a spring workshops event.  The Consortium's 2010 Annual Report will soon be online as well.  Starting in 2010, this document is created each year to provide a brief overview of the Consortium's activities and finances.

Board Meetings:  Board meetings are open and are held once a month.  Upcoming meeting dates are listed on the Consortium’s online Calendar.  Once a year, the board also holds an all-day strategic retreat meeting; Consortium business is covered in the morning, and the afternoon is spent developing the annual budget, brainstorming goals and assigning tasks to committees in order to complete these goals.  This year’s strategic retreat was held February 18, and the board created a great draft plan for 2011 which will be finalized in March.  Feel free to contact any board member should you have comments, suggested goals or concerns about the organization.  Contact information for each board member can be found here.

Spring Workshops:  The Professional Development Committee is planning a day of GIS/LIS-related workshops to be held Thursday, May 26, 2011 at the University of St. Thomas on their St. Paul campus.  Board member Dr. David Kelley has volunteered to be this year’s workshop chair.  If you are interested in helping plan this event or have any suggestions, email David at

2011 Fall Conference and Workshops:  We will be heading to St. Cloud for this year’s conference October 5-7.  If you are interested in helping plan this year’s event, or want to make a comment or suggestion, contact this year's Conference Chair, Tami Maddio, at:

Newsletter:  Please consider submitting an article or encouraging others to contribute a piece about an interesting project or topic.  The Consortium is a member-driven organization and relies on the greater community to distribute informative and timely information.  Submit articles to about GIS projects, activities and events for this quarterly newsletter.  Suggested length of articles is several paragraphs with related links and/or supporting graphics.

Membership is Free:  Members include GIS/LIS professionals from local, state, and federal government agencies; business and industry; educational institutions; and nonprofits.  Anyone can become a member by signing up at our website; if you are already a member, please review your Member Profile to ensure that the contact information listed is current.  By maintaining your member profile, you will receive e-announcements for upcoming GIS/LIS events including professional development activities such as the spring workshops and fall conference.

Opportunities to get involved:  While board positions are elected, there are many other opportunities for you to volunteer and make a difference, without having to run for office.  Please visit our website to see the list of committees that would welcome your help along with contact information for each committee chair.

Lastly, I would like to thank Steve Benson, outgoing Board Chair, for his leadership, enthusiasm and experience.  This is Steve's 10th year serving on the Board of Directors and his guidance is greatly appreciated.  I am excited to serve as the 2011 Chair and look forward to a busy year.