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Get Ready.  Get Set.  Get Going!  Anoka County Recreation Portal Released
By Cindy Tranby, Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services and Brian Fischer, Houston Engineering, Inc.

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Going! Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services entered into a contract with Houston Engineering Inc. to create Go Anoka County, an online interactive mapping system. The goal of Go Anoka County is to increase awareness of public parks and recreational facilities, promote access and make it convenient for people to find places to be physically active, and encourage walking and biking.

Go Anoka County displays a wide variety of recreational opportunities throughout the county including walking trails, biking paths, cross country skiing and skating opportunities and routes that connect to public transportation, parks, and public recreation facilities. The site not only directs residents to recreational opportunities in the county, it may be used to locate these opportunities by city, or help find opportunities within close proximity to an address. Additionally, there are a number of tools on the site to help identify walking distances to places to recreate near a home, school or worksite.

The site is made possible by the collaborative efforts of Houston Engineering Inc., Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services, Geographic Information Systems, Public Information, Parks and Recreation, and all twenty-one municipalities in Anoka County who provided essential information to build the base of Go Anoka County and to enhance the user experience. Go Anoka County has been supported by funding from the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) of the Minnesota Department of Health. Ramsey, Carver, and Scott counties and the Ten County Southeast region of Minnesota are all leveraging SHIP funds to create similar websites.

The data collection required to support these sites is leading to a statewide initiative to develop a standardized data model that can be used in many ways, most notably for efficient and effective coordination and exchange of data. Partners for this effort include municipal, county, and state representation from GIS, Parks and Recreation, Planning, Public Health and Transportation.

On a more technical side, the Go Anoka County web application was developed with Esri ArcGIS Server and the Esri Silverlight web mapping API (Note: use of the web map requires a browser with a Microsoft Silverlight plugin. - Ed..) This project served as a foundation for other county web applications that are currently in development.  Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services plans to incorporate additional functionality and widgets back into their Go Anoka County application as a Phase 2. All the GIS data for the project was either collected by Anoka County GIS or supplied by communities within the county. Anoka County GIS then merged and published all the data into an enterprise geodatabase.

If you have questions or comments about the site, send them to