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Don't duck metadataChanges to Metadata Coming Your Way at ArcGIS 10
By Jesse Pearson, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Those of you who have already tried to use the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines (MGMG) Editor and/or Stylesheet in ArcGIS 10 have realized that it doesn’t work. Esri has substantially changed the way ArcGIS handles metadata, thus, the existing MGMG and FGDC metadata creation and editing tools, built for ArcGIS 8 and 9, no longer work out-of-the-box. 

But don’t worry, a new Metadata Workgroup has been hard at work evaluating and creating a workaround solution to meet the needs of the end user.  Besides the MGMG Editor add-on not functioning in ArcGIS 10, two other important factors make it a good time to re-evaluate and update both MGMG and the tools for implementing it:

  • MGMG does not have fields to document geospatial services.
  • A new national metadata standard (the North American Profile, or “NAP”) has been proposed based on an approved international standard.  We want to be ready to make the transition as smooth as possible for our community of users.

The MnGeo Standards Committee created the Metadata Workgroup to address these issues.  As a short-term solution to the ArcGIS 10 problem, the group is customizing another tool, the EPA Metadata Editor (EME), to work with the current version of MGMG.  EME works both in ArcGIS 10 and as a standalone tool.  In addition, the group is researching fields that are needed to document geospatial services and updates that will keep MGMG compatible with the new national metadata standard.  The overall goal is to make the creation and maintenance of metadata easier.

The group is aiming to have a customized EME ArcGIS 10 and/or standalone version tool ready to use by the 2011 Mn GIS/LIS conference.  Another major goal is to develop a recommendation for “MGMG2”, a revised metadata content standard that documents both datasets and services and is compatible with NAP.  The workgroup will present their efforts at the MN GIS/LIS Consortium Conference.

For more information, see the Metadata Workgroup webpage.