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Migrating from Web ADF to Flex-based Web Applications
By Sarah Schrader, Goodhue County GIS

Goodhue County staff first published an ArcServer-based web application featuring almost 200 historic places and cemeteries in April 2010. The original application utilized ESRI’s ArcGIS Server Web ADF software (out-of-the-box tools and functionality) and proved to be a great option for county GIS staff without developer experience to publish the data quickly.

Once this web application went live and was running smoothly, county staff began to research options to upgrade and improve the application. The Web ADF was a great solution to get a good product to the public quickly, but was not part of the long-term plan regarding the county’s web applications. County staff researched ESRI’s Flex API and the Flex Viewer. Staff had also looked into working with the Silverlight API, but in the end moved forward with using the ESRI Flex Viewer because of its ‘plug and play’ capabilities. The Flex Viewer was similar to the WebADF because the application layout and many of the basic tools and functionality are pre-configured and available to use without any custom programming.

Staff was quickly able to do some basic customization to the interface and tools within the Flex Viewer. Staff also incorporated ESRI code Samples and code snippets provided by other ESRI users in the Flex Viewer Forums. County staff are pleased with the resulting web application, which now includes over 280 historic places, but are still looking ahead and making a wish list of other information or tools to incorporate in the next version.  The next step is to start using the Flex API for the Historic Places application as well as for any new applications created, in order to take full advantage of the available tools and functionality.

Click HERE to view the current Historic Places web application.

For more information about this project, contact Sarah Schrader, GISP – Goodhue County GIS Specialist at 651-385-3193 or Sarah will be presenting “Journey from WebADF to the ESRI Flex Viewer” at the Fall Conference on Thursday, October 6 during the 10:30 a.m. - noon session.