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Dr. Marv Bauer Selected for Lifetime Achievement Award

Your 2006 Minnesota GIS/LIS Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Dr. Marv Bauer has been selected to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award by the MnGIS/LIS Consortium. Marv's contributions have been significant to us in Minnesota and to others around the country. At the 2006 annual conference, Marv will be presented with a plaque reading: "Marvin E. Bauer, Remote sensing scientist; partner with the public"

Marvin E. Bauer is the Professor of Remote Sensing at the University of Minnesota, a position he has held since 1983, and director of the University’s Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory. He has been a major contributor to the state and the nation in many ways:

  • As a teacher, he has helped hundreds of students to understand the techniques, applications and value of remote sensing and geospatial information. He has advised numerous students in Natural Resources and the Master of Geographic Information Science program who have gone on to work in geospatial information science and applications, providing expertise to government, academia, and the private sector.
  • As a researcher, he is one of the world leaders in developing applications of satellite sensing for resource inventory and monitoring. He has made major contributions to crop and forest inventory, lake water quality monitoring, impervious surface mapping, and land cover change detection and analysis.
  • As an applied researcher, he has formed partnerships with numerous state and local agencies to help answer their questions. He has solved major problems for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, monitoring water quality for 10,000+ lakes across the state and mapping of land cover and impervious surface area statewide. For the Metropolitan Council, he has mapped land and water resources. In a current project, he is helping to model the spatial and temporal patterns and processes of urban land development.
  • As a professional, he is a Fellow of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and has received the Distinguished Public Service Medal award from NASA. Since 1980 he has served as editor‑in‑chief of Remote Sensing of Environment, the number-one-rated remote sensing journal.
  • As a friend of GIS/LIS in Minnesota, he regularly attends the state conference, usually giving a state-of-the-art paper.
  • As a citizen, he strives to make his work available to all Minnesotans. The results of his land cover classification and water quality monitoring projects are available in web-based mapping applications at and The "LakeBrowser" enables users to search for water quality information on lakes across the state and has over 20,000 visits a month.

Minnesota has every reason to be proud of Marvin Bauer and grateful for his contributions to our state.

His webpage at the University of Minnesota is .