Winter 2007-8

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

Table of Contents

MN GIS/LIS Consortium

Conference Review
From the Chair
Competition Results
Budget News

GLO Notes Online
Ag/DNR Collaboration Water/Utilities/Telecom Info
NSGIC highlights

Governor's Council
Open for Requests

MetroGIS Business Plan

Goodhue Wetland Model

Pipeline Viewer
Stream Class Problems
Computer Energy Standards

Higher Education
UofM GIS Portfolio
Certificate at Mankato
St. Mary's Update

K-12 Education
MIIM Internet Mapper

GITA Conference

Craig Wins Award
Zenk NGS Advisor

Other Places
GIS Jobs in Demand
Landsat Island


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Table of Contents for Winter 2007-8, Issue 51
PDF for Issue 51, Winter 2007-8

MN GIS/LIS Consortium
Rochester Fall Conference Review, By Rebecca Foster, Conference Chair
From the Chair, By Chad Martini, 2007 Chair

Student Scholarship Winners' Competition Results, By Will Craig, Scholarship Committee
GIS/LIS Budget is Strong, By Tim Loesch, Mn GIS/LIS Treasurer

Preserving Minnesota's Original Field Notes – Pilot Project Results, By John Hoshal, Land Management Information Center
Direct Data Sharing between MDA and DNR Reaping Benefits
Finding Information on Minnesota’s Surface Water Resources and Utilities and Telecommunications Infrastructure
, By Nancy Rader, Land Management Information Center
NSGIC 2007 Highlights, By Chris Cialek, LMIC, Will Craig, UofM and Governor’s Council, Ron Wencl, USGS, Dave Zenk, National Geodetic Survey

Governor's Council
Council More Open for Outside Requests, By Will Craig, Vice Chair

MetroGIS Acts on Plan to Insure Continued Relevance, By Randall Johnson, MetroGIS Staff Coordinator

Identifying Drained Wetlands – A Joint Project Utilizing ESRI’s Model Builder, By Sarah Schrader, Goodhue County GIS Specialist

National Pipeline Viewer, Adapted from NPMS website
USGS Perennial/Intermittent Stream Team, By Chris A. Sanocki, U.S. Geological Survey
New ENERGY STAR Standards for Computers, From Energy Star website

Higher Education
New U of M GIS Portfolio, By Will Craig, CURA, Susanna McMaster, University of Minnesota, and Steven Manson, University of Minnesota
GISc Certificate Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, By Fei Yuan and Donald A. Friend, Minnesota State University, Mankato
St. Mary’s University Update
By John Ebert, St. Mary’s University

K-12 Education
Students Discovering Geography with MIIM, By Steven Manson, University of Minnesota


GITA Conference in February 2008, By Alan Laumeyer, 2007 Minnesota GITA Chapter President


Craig wins NSGIC Award
Zenk New NGS Advisor in Minnesota, By Dave Zenk PE, LS

Other Places
GIS Jobs in Demand, From the web
Landsat Island, From NASA website