Spring 2011

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

Table of Contents

MN GIS/LIS Consortium

From the Chair
Conference Planning

Mn/DOT Road Closures Site
Economic Data
Gypsy Moth Response

Proximity Finder

Red River LiDAR

Minneapolis Predictive Crime Mapping
Anoka Co. Recreation
GIS - Core Govt. Service

Land Cover 2006
USGS Historic Topo Scanning

Higher Education
Smart Growth & Transit

Will Craig, UCGIS Fellow
Robert McMaster, UCGIS Education Award
Marv Bauer, Pecora Award


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Table of Contents for Spring 2011, Issue 64
PDF for Issue 64, Spring 2011

MN GIS/LIS Consortium
From the Chair, By Sarah Schrader, 2011 Chair
21st Annual Minnesota GIS/LIS Fall Conference and Workshops, By Tami Maddio, 2011 Conference Chair

Mn/DOT Meets Need for Reporting Statewide Road Closures, By Paul Weinberger, Minnesota Department of Transportation
Small Area Economic Data, By Will Craig, University of Minnesota
Online Maps Communicate Gypsy Moth Treatments to the Public, By Mike Dolbow and Erich Borchardt, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Who You Gonna Call?  Locate Government Services and Jurisdictions through MetroGIS Proximity Finder Web Service, By Jessica Fendos, MetroGIS Proximity Finder Workgroup
High Resolution Elevation Data Ready to Use in the Red River Basin, By Chuck Fritz, International Water Institute

Advanced Analysis using GIS at the Minneapolis Police Department, By Ryan Hughes and Sgt. Jeff Egge
Get Ready.  Get Set.  Get Going!  Anoka County Recreation Portal Released, By Cindy Tranby, Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services and Brian Fischer, Houston Engineering, Inc.
We’re Not in Kansas Anymore – GIS as a Core County Service:  A commentary, By Chuck Forss, GIS Project Manager, Technology Services, Morrison County

CropScape Web Application Takes the Pain Out of Crop Data Analysis, By Mike Dolbow, GIS & Graphics Supervisor, MN Department of Agriculture
National Land Cover Database 2006 Released, Adapted from USGS Press Release
Scanning and Georeferencing Historical USGS Quadrangles, From USGS website

Higher Education
Using GIS to Identify Suitable Areas for Smart Growth and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) for Specific Areas within the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, By Nick Meyers, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

Will Craig, UCGIS Fellow
Bob McMaster, Educator of the Year
Marvin Bauer Receives Pecora Award, Adapted from USGS Press Release