Summer 2012

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

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The Consortium Launches Improved Member Portal: Change your password!
By Ben Verbick, MN GIS/LIS Consortium Chair

Yes. It’s a big deal!!!!! Our member portal at is new. It’s a major upgrade and a very exciting advancement for our Consortium. It’s also going through a brief transition period during which we’ll all need to be patient. 

Reset Your Password!

If you are a Consortium member and haven’t yet been to the new portal, please go to the portal ASAP to:

  1. log in
    (if your email has changed in the past year, try the old email for your userid if your current one doesn't work)
  2. reset your password

There’s plenty of online instruction to help you through the process.

Review Your Profile

Review the information in your member profile (except the Professional Development section) and let us know if there are errors that you are having difficulty correcting.

The Professional Development section of your profile is in the process of being populated from the MN GIS/LIS Consortium’s record archive and will come online at a later date. Since this information is historic record, some of it specific to professional requirements and licensure, it is only manageable at an administrative level by the MN GIS/LIS Consortium. When the information is online, we will ask that you review it for accuracy and help us correct any discrepancies.

Conference Registration Improvements

The next major improvement you will see is conference registration. You’ll find the online registration experience much improved for individual and corporate registrations. And our conference organizing committee will find record keeping and billing processes much easier.

When the full transition is complete, the MN GIS/LIS Consortium Member Portal will be a very user friendly professional resource for your personal development, member contacts, group communication, and activity participation. Visit often and stay current.