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A Quick Guide to MPCA Web Applications
By Jason Ewert, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 

For years, the MPCA website has been host to a variety of searchable databases and interactive map applications, and the number will grow as the agency continues to gather more data and share it with environmental professionals and interested members of the public.

To browse all our searchable Web applications, visit the Data tab at the top of any webpage. Listed below are some of these applications and the audiences they may appeal to most.

Public Education

Minnesota Watersheds:  This application contains watershed descriptions, restoration and protection projects, maps, contact information and assessment reports.

Air Quality Index:  The Air Quality Index reports daily air quality information. It still lives on the old MPCA website, but the information continues to be updated daily.

What’s in My Neighborhood?:  This application enables the public to see who’s being regulated, for what, and if they have any compliance and enforcement issues.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Sites:  Find HHW drop-off / collection sites in Minnesota counties.

Water Professionals

Assessment Units (water body segments):  This application is the gateway to all this information we have on a stream reach, lake or lake bay. It contains water body descriptions, assessments of water quality, links to restoration and protection projects and links to monitoring data. In the near future this app will be expanded to include, lake TSI data, trend data, assessment reports and a land cover map.

Groundwater: Download groundwater monitoring data.

Stormwater: Find waters with special stormwater requirements for construction sites and MS4s.

Air Professionals

Air Emissions by County: View air emissions reports by county and pollutant.

Air Emissions Monitoring Data: Download air emissions data.

Remediation Professionals

Petroleum Remediation Program Maps Online:  Find leak sites, wellhead protection areas, and well locations.


Technical questions? Comments or concerns? Please contact MPCA staff using our feedback form.