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GECCo Workshop Provides a Blueprint of Findings for Geospatial Data Collaboration
By Steve Swazee, SharedGeo, and GITA staff 

After an extended period of dialogue and consideration by Twin Cities geospatial stakeholders, the Geospatial Information and Technology Association (GITA) has formally released the Twin Cities GECCo Workshop After Action Report and Improvement Plan.

In addition to providing a comprehensive review of findings from the Geospatial Enabling Community Collaboration (GECCo) workshop held at Fort Snelling, Minnesota in October 2011, the document’s Improvement Plan outlines steps that can be taken to create an ongoing, metro-focused process that will improve geospatial data collaboration and cooperation among the region’s business, emergency services, infrastructure and geospatial communities. MetroGIS, a voluntary collaboration of local and regional governments, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations and businesses in the Twin Cities, will initially coordinate efforts to pursue Improvement Plan recommendations.

Although written with a focus on Twin Cities issues, much of the report has value for other U.S. major metropolitan areas as well.

To download a copy of the report and an explanatory cover letter that accompanied its release, scroll to the end of the Twin Cities GECCo “Post Event” Web Page.

The following “quick read” sequence for the document is thought appropriate for most readers:

  • Executive Summary (pages 5-10),
  • Section 3 as needed to clarify Executive Summary details (pages 25-37),
  • Section 4 (pages 39-40), and
  • other pages as desired.

With issuance of the report, the Twin Cities GECCo is officially complete. Kudos and thanks go out to GITA, the Department of Homeland Security, and all individuals who volunteered their time to make the Twin Cities GECCo possible!