FALL 2006

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

Table of Contents

MN GIS/LIS Consortium
2006 Conference
From the Chair
Lifetime Award
Polaris Awards
Scholarship Winners
Scholarship Competition
Scholarship Fundraising
North Workshop
South Workshop

Air Photo, Elevation Inventory
LIDAR Update
50 States Grant
NorthStar Mapper
HydroClim Minnesota

Governor's Council
Annual Report
FY07 Appointments
Governor's Commendations
Grand Rapids Presentations

Forum Results

Olmsted Uses Air Photos
FGDC Funds Web Mapping

Pine County LIDAR, Soils
Soil Data Viewer Update
2007 CAP Grants
USGS Reorganization

Higher Education
Evacuation Management Tool
Land Change Research
St. Mary's Update

K-12 Education
GEOFEST, Training

Mapping Child Care

Other Places
Dynamic Earth Map



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Table of Contents for Fall 2006, Issue 46
PDF for Issue 46, Fall 2006
PDFs of individual articles can be accessed at the end of each article.

MN GIS/LIS Consortium
Ready, Set – GO! Time to Register for the Annual Conference, By Sally Wakefield, 2006 Conference Chair
From the Chair, By Annette Theroux, 2006 GIS/LIS Consortium Board Chair
Dr. Marv Bauer Selected for Lifetime Achievement Award
2006 Polaris Award Winners
2006 Scholarship Winners,
By Banette Kritzky, Scholarship Chair
Student Competition, 2006, By Banette Kritzky, Scholarship Chair
Scholarship Fundraising, By Banette Kritzky, Scholarship Chair
MnGIS/LIS Consortium Due North Workshop,
By Annette Theroux, GIS/LIS Consortium Board Chair
2006 MnGIS/LIS Consortium Due South Workshop, By Fei Yuan, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Online Survey Will Help Leverage Investments in Air Photos and Elevation Data, By Chris Cialek, Land Management Information Center
Red River LIDAR Data Status, By Tim Loesch, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Uses Grant to Further Develop GIS Strategic Plan, By Fred Logman, Office of Geographic and Demographic Analysis
NorthStar Mapper: Explore Minnesota with Maps Online, By Nancy Rader and Chris Cialek, Land Management Information Center
HydroClim Minnesota

Governor's Council
2006 Annual Report Available

Governor's Council Welcomes New Members

Firewise and GLO Plat Maps to Receive Commendations, By Will Craig, vice chair, Governor's Council on Geographic Information
Council Meets in Grand Rapids: Five Local Presentations, By Nancy Rader, Land Management Information Center

“Imagining Possibilities” Forum Generates Big Ideas, By Randall Johnson, MetroGIS

Orthophoto Uses in Olmsted County
, By Jan Chezick, GIS Supervisor/Coordinator
Minnesota/North Dakota Collaborative GIS Project, By Randy Knippel, Dakota County, Office of GISpping

Pine County LIDAR Data and Soil Mapping,
By Danielle Evans, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Soil Data Viewer for ArcGIS 9.1 - Just Released
FGDC CAP Grant Announcement
USGS Opens Competition for National Geospatial Technical Operations Center to Denver and Rolla, From USGS News Release

Higher Education
New Evacuation Management Tool
Land Change and Decision Making Research
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota MSGIS Program Update

K-12 Education
K-12 Teacher News: GEOFEST and Other Training, By Sara Damon, Stillwater Area Schools

Putting Child Care on the Map, By Jessica Horning, Research Assistant, Greater Minneapolis Day Care Association

Other Places
This Dynamic Planet , From USGS Information Bulletin