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21st Annual Conference Sessions
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2011 Conference Sessions

Thursday, 10:30 am

Lightning Round I (12 Minute Lighting Talks)

  • Using Raster Math to Assess Wetland Functional Capacity, Based on Hydrogeomorphic (HGM) Classification – Justin Hawley March, GIS Rangers; Tim Kelly, Coon Creek Watershed District
  • An Automated Approach to Updating Metro Mobility Service Areas – Jonathan Hoekenga, Metropolitan Council
  • Using Mobile GIS in Southern Minnesota Water Quality TMDL Projects – Nels Rasmussen, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Rain Gauge Network Data Online – Nancy Read, Metro. Mosquito Control District
  • Improving Data Integrity with the Attribute Assistant – Leah Sperduto, City of Eagan
  • Getting the Most Out of NorthStar Mapper – Jim Dickerson, Land Management Information Center

Web Applications I (Individual Presentations)

  • Journey from Web ADF to the ESRI Flex Viewer – Sarah Schrader, Goodhue County
  • Met Council Web MappingThe next phase – Len Kne, Metropolitan Council
  • City of Red Wing Web Application Migration to Flex or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Flex API – Leanne Knott, City of Red Wing

GIS Applications I (Individual Presentations)

  • Using GIS to streamline floodplain model reviews – John Wirries, Moore Engineering, Inc
  • Strategic Flood Damage Reduction Using LiDAR: Prioritizing Water Detention Areas in the Red River Basin – Henry Van Offelen, MN Center for Environmental Advocacy; Grit May, International Water Institute
  • Using GIS to Analyze Impacts Associated with the Proposed Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Project – Chad Qualley, Houston Engineering, Inc; Erik Nelson, Houston Engineering, Inc

Government I (Individual Presentations)

  • GIS and Fiscal Impact Analysis – Linda Tomaselli, GISRDC; Erik Thorvig, City of Anoka
  • Taxable Lands: A spatial analysis of land ownership in St. Louis County, MN – Andrea Grygo, St. Louis County
  • The Civil Air Patrol and what (GIS Stuff) they can collect for you – Bob Basques, City of St. Paul; Jim Klassen, SharedGeo; Nash Pherson, Department of Human Services; Corrine Karsten, City of St. Paul

Imagery I (90 Minute Panel Discussion)

  • Aerial Imagery in MinnesotaContinued progress; improved collaboration – Christopher Cialek, MN Geospatial Information Office; Steve Kloiber, Minnesota DNR; Peter Jenkins, MNDOT; David Brandt, Washington County; Ron Wencl, U.S. Geological Survey

Student Competition: Undergraduate Student Competition

Product Demonstrations I (Product Demonstrations)

  • A Common GIS Framework: Leveraging and Becoming Part of the Community – Sam Klimoski, ESRI; Nathan Aamot, ESRI
  • A Common GIS Framework: The ArcGIS Community Basemap – Sam Klimoski, ESRI; Nathan Aamot, ESRI
  • CAD and GIS integration - A geospatial success story – Neal Niemiec, Autodesk

Thursday, 1:30 p.m.

Open Source (Individual Presentations)

  • Geospatial Analysis in R – Greg Liknes, USDA Forest Service
  • DNR Garmin 6: Updated and Open Sourced – Chris Pouliot, MN DNR; Michael Tronrud, MN DNR
  • GeoMoose and the City of Saint Paul – Cory Karsten, City of St. Paul; Bob Basques, City of St. Paul

Emergency Management I (Individual Presentations)

  • Using GIS in Search and Rescue in a Natural Environment – Simon Morgan, Three Rivers Park District
  • Deploying Next Generation 9-1-1: GIS needs from a State Perspective – Dan Falbo, ESRI; Jackie Mines, ECN-DPS
  • MNDOT and Counties Team up to Crowd-source Emergency Events – Sonia Dickerson, MN DOT

Environmental (Individual Presentations)

  • GIS and GPS Support of Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance in Southeast Minnesota – Bob Wright, MN DNR Wildlife; Julie Hines, MN DNR Wildlife
  • Identifying priority private working forest lands in Minnesota: a GIS modeling approach for integrated evaluation of ecological, recreational, and economic values – Bart Richardson, MN DNR; Andy Holdsworth, MN DNR
  • Particle Track-based Contaminant Mass Allocation Model Utilizing EVS and MapWindow GIS – Brooke Roecker, DDMS, Inc.; Ryan Kiefer, DDMS, Inc.

Government II (Individual Presentation/60 Minute Panel Discussion)

  • Mn 2050 ... And the Potential GIS Role – Brad Henry, University of Minnesota
  • Assessing the Public Value of Sharing Geographic Information: Thoughts and Observations – Francis Harvey, University of Minnesota Department of Geography; Randall Johnson, Metro GIS; Terry Schneider, City of Minnetonka; Gary Swenson, Hennepin County; Peter Henschel, Carver County; Randy Knippel, Dakota County

Imagery II (Individual Presentations)

  • Status and Overiew of Imaging Technology – Craig Molander, Surdex Corporation
  • City Modeling from LIDAR data – Ahmed Elaksher, St. Cloud State University
  • A Bayesian Classification Method for Fusing Lidar and Imagery: An Application for Mapping Wetlands in the Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge – Jeff Ueland, Bemidji State University

Student Competition: Undergraduate Student Competition

Product Demonstrations II (Product Demonstrations)

  • PermitTrax – Annette Theroux, Pro-West & Associates, Inc.; Brian Bjelland, Pro-West & Associates, Inc.
  • Agricultural Land Assessment Tools – Jennifer Ward, Pro-West & Associates, Inc.; Rose Erickson, Pro-West & Associates, Inc.
  • Citizen Sensors - Use Smart Phone Applications To Engage Citizens, Improve Community Involvement, Save Time And Money – Rebecca Blue, Short Elliot Hendrickson, Inc.

Thursday, 3:30 p.m.

Hydrology I (Individual Presentations)

  • A Comparative Analysis of Recovery Potential for Impaired Waters in the Buffalo River Watershed – Pete Knutson, MPCA; Peter Mead, USDA NRCS
  • Quantifying the Spatial Extent of Dock Structures in the Littoral Zones of Central Minnesota Lakes – Lyn Bergquist, MN DNR; Andy Williquett, MN DNR
  • Using GIS to monitor the response of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) to a dynamic thermal discharge in the Mississippi River – Brian E. Schmidt, Xcel Energy – Environmental Services; Heiko L. Schoenfuss, St. Cloud State University

Web Applications II (Individual Presentations)

  • Designing and Building an Interactive Park and Trail Map for the City of Monticello – John Mackiewicz, WSB & Associates; Angela Schumann, City of Monticello
  • GoRamsey - Park and Recreation Map Portal – Brian Fischer, Houston Engineering, Inc.; Matt Koukol, Ramsey County
  • Benefits and Challenges to Migrating a Web Based Application from ArcIMS to ArcGIS Server – Derek Lorbiecki, LOGIS

GIS Applications II (Individual Presentations)

  • The Minnesota Geospatial Commons: Moving to Production – Mark Kotz, Metropolitan Council
  • The DNR’s new Land Record System: Managing Land Records and GIS together – Bart Richardson, MN DNR
  • Collaboration Needed: Working Together to Improve Damage Prevention with GIS at Gopher State One Call – Aimee Wendland, KorPartners, Inc.; Ryan Babler, KorTerra, Inc., Mark Palma, Gopher State One Call

Transportation (Individual Presentations)

  • GIS in Transit Planning & Operations – Jason Podany, Metro Transit
  • Modeling Freight Industry Supply Chains Using GIS: A Transportation Planning Tool – Kevin Ebright-McKeehan, Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
  • Utilizing Spatial Analyst to determine Optimal Road Routes in Forestry Management – Andrew King-Scribbins, North Point Geographic Solutions; Hollie Parsons, North Point Geographic Solutions

Imagery III (60 Minute Panel Discussion/Individual Presentation)

  • LiDAR Activities in Minnesota – Ron Wencl, USGS; Shelly Sentyrz, MN DNR; Tim Loesch, MN DNR; Sean Vaughn, MN DNR; Peter Jenkins, MN DOT
  • Accessing LiDAR Data Packages – Shelly Sentyrz, MN DNR

Student Competition: Graduate Student Competition

Product Demonstrations III (Product Demonstrations)

  • Trimble’s Field Inspector Solution – Brandon Tourtelotte, CompassTools, Inc.
  • CompassCom AVL for a Quick ROI – Brandon Tourtelotte, CompassTools, Inc.
  • High Accuracy Mobile GIS Field Strategy – Del Stewart, Frontier Precision, Inc.

Friday, 8:30 a.m.

Lightning Round I (12 Minute Lighting Talks/Individual Presentation)

  • American Rates of Inactivity, Obesity, and Diabetes – Matt Lindholm, University of Minnesota
  • A Sneak Preview of the National Wetland Inventory Update – Steve Kloiber, MN DNR
  • LiDAR Technology…. Evolution of Fixed Wing LiDAR (An overview of different LiDAR Technologies of the current fixed wing LiDAR sensors and platforms) – Les Bevin, Fugro Geospatial Services
  • Anywhere Anytime GIS at Minnesota State University, Mankato – Rama Mohapatra, Minnesota State University - Mankato; Dr. Donald Friend, Minnesota State University - Mankato
  • Using ArcPad and ArcGIS Server to Perform Efficient Storm Water Inspections – Noah Czech, City of St. Cloud; Kendis Scharenbroich, Pro-West & Associates, Inc.

Web Applications III (Individual Presentations)

  • Map Automation- Python’s ArcPy module for accelerated desktop, web, and mobile GIS solutions – Tony Monsour, Xcelerated GIS; Matt Mclees, University of Minnesota
  • Innovative Geographic Media 2.0 - Ask An Expert – Rick Moore; Minnesota State University – Mankato
  • Fishidy - The convergence of mapping, social networking, and fishing – David Mockert, GeoDecisions; Brian Jensen; Geodecisions

Standards/Management (Individual Presentations)

  • Bridging the Gap; Communicating GIS to non-GIS Professionals – Blaine Hackett; GIS Rangers
  • Changes Coming to the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines – Nancy Rader, Minnesota Geospatial Info. Office; Mark Kotz, Metropolitan Council
  • Managing Red Lake’s Forest Activities with GIS – Scott Abel, Red Lake DNR; Jesse Adams, North Point Geographic Solutions

Government III (60 Minute Panel Discussion/Individual Presentation)

  • GeoData Resource Sites - Enterprise GIS at the DNR – Tim Loesch, MN DNR; Hal Watson, MN DNR; Shelly Sentryz, MN DNR; Craig Perreault, MN DNR; Chris Pouliot, MN DNR; Mike Tronrud, MN DNR; Sherry Buckley, MN DNR; Naoko Meyer, MN DNR
  • The National MapUSGS Topographic Maps for the Past, Present and Future – Ron Wencl, USGS

Imagery IV (Individual Presentations)

  • MNGeo’s Composite Image Service – Matt McGuire, Metropolitan Council
  • A Case Study of Effective Collaboration and Project Execution with leaf-off aerial photo acquisition – Tim Bohn, SURDEX Corporation; Chris Cialek, Minnesota Geospatial Information Office
  • Pushbroom Aerial Imagery Scanner’s Mapping Accuracy Put To The Test – Mike Tully, Aerial Services, Inc.; Joshua McNary, Aerial Services, Inc.

Community GIS (Individual Presentation/60 Minute Panel Discussion)

  • GIS for sustainability studies in the classroom and community – Stacey Stark, University of Minnesota Duluth
  • GIS Users Groups in Your Backyard – Sarah Schrader, Goodhue County; Charlie Kost, Southwest MN State University; Jim Bunning, Scott County; Nick Meyers, Winona County; Sally Wakefield, Envision Minnesota; Kody Thurnau, Duluth-Superior Metropolitian Interstate Council; Carol Wickenheiser, Clay County; Alan Laumeyer, Goodhue County

Friday, 10:30 a.m.

Hydrology II (Individual Presentations)

  • Mapping and Measuring Minnesota’s Water Quality – Paul Wickman, Northstar Geographics; Peter Fleck, Northstar Geographics
  • GIS Workflows to Support the Red River Basin Wide HMS Hydrologic Modeling – Dave Kirkpatrick, Houston Engineering, Inc.
  • RRBDIN Development of LiDAR-derived geospatial data tools to streamline project planning and permitting in the Red River Basin – Peter Mead, USDS/NRCS; Henry Vanoffelen, MN Center for Environmental Advocacy

Emergency Management II (Individual Presentation/60 Minute Panel Discussion)

  • Carver County Flood Mapping: Quick and Efficient Map Updates for Road Closures – Chad Riley, Carver County
  • Next Generation GIS and 2011 Floods: A review and next steps – Dan Falbo, ESRI; John Blood, HSEM; Kay Anderson, Cass County; Paul Weinberger, MNDOT; Jim Bunning, Scott County; Pete Henschel, Carver County

GIS Applications III (Individual Presentations)

  • Automated FAA Restricted Airspace Surface Analysis for the Purpose of Tall Structure Construction – Ryan Koehnen, ddms, Inc.
  • Object Based Image Analysis for Urban Tree Canopy Mapping – Molly Martin, MN DNR; Donald Kilberg, MN DNR
  • Development and Assessment of a GIS Based Model to Identify Sand and Gravel Resource Potential to Assist in the Acceleration of Aggregate Resource Mapping by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources – Kevin Hanson, St. Mary’s University

Government IV (Individual Presentations)

  • Preserving Minnesota’s Original Public Land Survey Notes – John Hoshal, Minnesota Geospatial Information Office; David Claypool, Ramsey County; Fred Logman, Minnesota Geospatial Information Office
  • Profiling the housing marketusing GIS to target funding decisions for affordable housing investment – Jessica Deegan, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
  • Cemetery Management and Maintenance – Mike LeClaire, City of Grand Rapids; Eric Rundell, City of Grand Rapids

Mobile GIS (Individual Presentations)

  • iOS Development for ArcGIS Server – Eric Helwig, Geodecisions
  • ArcGIS for Android – Craig Perreault, MN DNR
  • Building Cross-Platform Mobile Applications Using the ArcGIS Flex API – Jeremy Moore, Houston Engineering
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