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University of WisconsinRiver Falls GIS and Cartography Program
By Charles Rader, Chair, Department of Geography and Mapping Sciences, University of Wisconsin – River Falls.

While technically not in Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin - River Falls is one of the other “state” schools in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, serving students almost equally from Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Since 1981, the department has had a Cartography Minor, and in 1993 it was changed to a GIS and Cartography Minor, consisting of 21 credit hours of coursework. The department teaches seven dedicated courses in the mapping sciences that cover introductory material through advanced courses in GIS and cartography. Courses from other departments, including Environmental Science and Management, Computer Systems, Mathematics, Surveying, and General Engineering, provide directed electives for the minor. Approximately 40 students from a variety of majors are currently pursuing the minor.

Students may also participate in internships as part of this coursework. Recent internships have been sited as close as the City of River Falls, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the City of Red Wing and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and as far as the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

This year, Dr. Mathew Dooley, who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with a specialization in geographic information analysis, joined the department. He has developed a course on Animated and Interactive Cartography and will teach it this coming fall. This course will deal with methods and techniques of dynamic data visualization and the production of interactive web-based maps. In addition, he brings significant experience and skill in field-based mapping, remote sensing and geographic visualization techniques to the program. Dr. Charles Rader teaches courses in GIS, geoprocessing and map design and has coordinated the GIS Lab since 1993.

The GIS Lab provides the locus for GIS activities on campus and supports a variety of cartographic and GIS software, including ArcGIS 9 Desktop and Workstation with extensions, ArcView, IDRISI, SPSS, Trimble PathFinder Office, and Adobe Creative Suite in addition to the standard desktop software. The lab is populated with 18 workstations and a variety of output devices.

Tuition reciprocity and a small campus atmosphere make UWRF an attractive option for undergraduate education in the metropolitan area. For more information, please visit us online at or contact: Dr. Charles Rader, or 715-425-3264.