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GIS DAY at UMD, November 16, 2006
By Stacey Stark, University of Minnesota, Duluth

The University of Minnesota Duluth Ballroom was buzzing with all things GIS on November 16, 2006. The theme “Discovering Our Minnesota Landscape Using GIS” encompassed a broad range of GIS and GPS applications relating to forestry, government, recreation, water quality, geology, transportation, and others.

Keynote speaker, Lonnie Dupre, introduced over one hundred people to the wonders of the Arctic. Dupre and his partner recently became the first team to travel to the North Pole in the summer. He shared wonderful photography and stories from the Arctic with an emphasis on the difficult traveling conditions. The team relied on both GPS and compass to navigate while skiing, kayaking and swimming to the North Pole. The audience also learned how global climate change is opening up the Arctic ice and affecting polar bears’ habitat.

Twenty-one regional organizations demonstrated their use of geographic information system technology internally and in our community. GIS students and professionals from the UMD campus and the Duluth community shared their experiences through posters, online applications, and presentations. Many other participants came to simply learn and network. Highlights included an ArcGlobe rendering of the planet Venus landscape (UMD Geology), an interactive kiosk of the Mesabi Bike Trail (Superior GEO-Services), an on-campus geocaching event (MN Geocaching Association), and a demonstration of interactive web-based tools for property management (St. Louis County and the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI)).

UMD’s GIS Day featured in-depth demonstrations which ran in 30-minute intervals. The Farm Service Agency (FSA), Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (PCA), MN Sea Grant and St. Louis County presented how GIS relates to resource protection and can facilitate information delivery to the public. Other topics included GPS and Geocaching 101 (MN Geocaching Association), Producing Aerial Photography (MN DNR), and Stormwater Applications (NRRI). The presentations were well attended by students and community members.

This year GIS Day was boosted by a grant from the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium in addition to UMD Geography and UMD Geographic Information Sciences Laboratory co-sponsors. Participants included: Superior GEO-Services, Hartley Nature Center, Marlow GeoServices, FSA, MN Geocaching Association, ProWest and Associates, Minnesota Department of Transportation, UMD Geology, UMD Geography, St. Louis County, WLSSD, PCA, MN Department of Natural Resources, UMD NRRI, MN Sea Grant, Arrowhead Regional Development Commission, UMD Geographic Information Sciences Lab, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.