Summer 2009

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

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MN GIS/LIS Consortium

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Conference Update
Scholarship Winners
Lifetime/Polaris Nominations

Drive to Excellence Update
Emerald Ash Borer Tracking
New Catchment Boundaries
M3D Update
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Governor's Council
CTU/USNG Standards
Red River Flood GIS
RNC Presentation
Commendation Nominations

Natural Resources Atlas

Red River Flood - Moorhead
Ag Emergency Plan - Steele Co.
Crime Maps & GeoMoose
Laurentian Collaborative
Ramsey Co GIS Group


Higher Education
GISSO Job Fair
Reclaim Lost Land

Other Places
ND GIS Conference
Sticky/Magnetic States



Last Call for Lifetime and Mid-Career Award Nominations
The Consortium recognizes stellar individuals in the state through two awards: Lifetime Achievement and Polaris Mid-Career. We are looking for nominations for both. Awards will be given at the 2009 Conference in Duluth.
The submission deadline for both awards is June 30, 2009.
The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a person (or organization) who has earned a reputation for making significant contributions in the fields of GIS or LIS that have improved the quality of life for the people of Minnesota. The Lifetime Achievement Award started in 1993 and is given to the best in our field. It is not given out every year. This prestigious award is reserved to acknowledge a lifetime of well-recognized contributions. There are currently 19 winners of this award.
The Polaris Leadership Award for mid-career professionals began in 2003. Just as Polaris is a triple star, so we recognize three leaders annually. The award recognizes three “stars” who are inspiring and leading us through their contributions, energy, and creativity.
Details of both awards are listed under “MN GIS/LIS Activities” on the consortium website:  Text under each award name lists criteria and details on how to submit a nomination.