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Two Cities Map Crime with GeoMoose
By Blaine Hackett, GIS Rangers
When the Blaine and Fridley police departments wanted to inform the public about crimes happening in their cities, they turned to GIS. Instead of using static PDF maps to present the data, they chose GeoMoose, an interactive web mapping application that the public could easily use to find information about those crimes.
GeoMoose uses MapServer as the mapping engine. GeoMoose afforded the cities a quick way to create a customized web mapping page tailored to the police departments’ needs.
Each month, the police departments send crime data to their GIS staff to be geocoded. The addresses for each incident are scrubbed so that the exact address cannot be pinpointed.
The crime mapping site opens to the full city extent, with the table of contents showing the list of mapped crime incidents on the right. Click on the stacked lines next to the data layer to see the legend for that crime incident. It is necessary to zoom into the map at a scale of 1:18,000 to use the Identify button.
Although the data is presented in a slightly different format for each city, a conscious effort was made to create a similar look between the websites. This should make it easier for residents to find crime information without having to navigate a completely different map interface.
Please see the web mapping pages at:
For details about the application, contact Jeremy Johnson, GIS Coordinator for the City of Blaine at or Blaine Hackett, President-GIS Rangers at or phone at 651-303-8490.