Spring 2010

The Newsletter of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

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New National Map Viewer and Video
Adapted from USGS websites

USGS’s National Geospatial Program has released a beta version of its new viewer for The National Map. The National Map (TNM), a collaborative effort among the USGS and other Federal, State, and local partners to improve and deliver topographic information for the Nation, is transitioning to newer visualization and delivery methods with foundational base maps and integrated download services.

The geographic information available from TNM includes orthoimagery (aerial photographs), elevation, geographic names, hydrography, boundaries, transportation, structures, and land cover.

New Viewer

Test out the new beta viewer and also find QuickStart help, FAQs, and contact information at The National Map Viewers page.

Key features:

  • Fast, cartographically designed base maps using National Atlas and TNM datasets.
  • WYSIWYG preview and download for all TNM data and new US Topo maps at one Web site.
  • Interoperable services with popular viewers such as Google Maps, Bing! Maps, and Google Earth using WMS, KML, or ArcGIS.
  • Easy mash-up of map services from TNM and other sources as KML, WMS, RSS, ArcGIS, or ArcIMS.
  • Popular GIS tools to identify features, change coordinates display, measure, reverse geocode, and search by keyword or spatial extent.
  • Advanced features such as collaborative annotations and query/filter.

Once stabilized and enhanced, this viewer will replace the existing TNM viewers as the primary distribution point for TNM data and services.

Video:  Intro to The National Map

This 6-minute video introduces the history of mapping at the USGS and The National Map born from the digital revolution. Testimonials from the National Geographic Society, the Environmental Protection Agency, ESRI, and the USGS Director share how The National Map is used to help us navigate the world, explore, protect and sustain our resources, save lives, and preserve these lands for our children. The video includes appearances by Marcia McNutt, new USGS Director; Jack Dangermond, ESRI; and Tommy Dewald, U.S. EPA.