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Minnesota’s GLO Field Notes Online!
By John Hoshal, MnGeo 

At long last, Minnesota’s original survey notes – all 308,000 pages – are now online at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) GLO website.

This is the near culmination of a great deal of work by MnGeo and MnDOT staff. The project to scan and distribute Minnesota’s General Land Office (GLO) field notes, described in an earlier article and on the project website, was funded by a Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage grant awarded to MnGeo by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Work yet to be completed by BLM:

  1. Incorporation of Minnesota’s high-resolution (600 dpi) GLO plats that MnGeo created in 2004 into BLM’s site. The plats which currently appear on BLM’s site were created from duplicate copies of the original plats, so they may differ from the originals MnGeo scanned. For now, please download the GLO plats via MnGeo’s website. You will also find geo-referenced versions of the plats on our site.
  2. Modification of the Bureau’s land records database to accommodate multiple survey records per GLO plat. In those instances when multiple records exist for a plat, there currently are no links to a map (BLM’s or MnGeo’s).

BLM has not yet set a date for completing these final steps.

Comments and questions are welcome. For questions on the BLM site, contact Daniel Fleming at  For questions on the MnGeo site, contact John Hoshal, or 651-201-2482.