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Emergency Preparedness Blog Covers Topics of Wide Interest
By Steve Swazee, EPC Chair, SharedGeo 

The EPC Updates Blog turned one year old on June 23, 2012. Although focused on the use of geospatial-based technologies for emergency preparedness and response, topics covered are of wide interest, for example, common operating pictures, social media, crowd sourcing, location tracking, unmanned aircraft systems, smart phones, and privacy issues. Breaking news is often featured such as the recent flooding in Duluth. The blog also publicizes training events, webinars, and meetings.

Growth and Change:  EPC Updates is home to 400+ posts and has readers around the globe. Its growth indicates the magnitude of change in the technologies that the blog follows. In emergency services, the world of "electronic maps" is no longer just about how to effectively use a particular piece of GIS software to support a sector mission, it's also about knowing how to acquire and manage static information (databases) and dynamic feeds (sensors) that can be used to create real-time situational awareness.

Education and Advocacy:  In addition to the educational aspect of this site, ideas are put forward that have an element of advocacy to them. Over the past year, three are worthy of special note:

Each represents a significant way in which a pervasive lack of awareness about the capabilities or limitations of geospatial technologies means we are losing out on the opportunity to enhance our national preparedness and response infrastructure.

Site Navigation:  Each post provides an overview of an issue with links to more details. The Subject and Title Archive search features at the top of each blog page are an efficient way to look for background information on a given topic. A subscribe option is available for readers to be notified of new posts.

Spread the Word:  The blog is an information service of the Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC). The blog is maintained by the EPC Chair, who is responsible for its content. An item can be submitted for posting consideration by sending it to: Overall blog comments and ideas for improving delivery of content can also be sent to that email address.

Please let others know about this blog. The more individuals who are aware of the variety and extent of issues in play, the easier it will be to create meaningful change that will help us all.