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Create Regional, Local Maps with Upgraded Council Tool
By Erin McHenry, Metropolitan Council

Metropolitan Council GIS launched a new and improved “Make-A-Map” application in June. The interactive, web-based tool is accessible to the public through the Metropolitan Council website Interactive Maps & Tools.

Rick Gelbmann, Council GIS manager, said that the Make-a-Map application is now much faster, has better imagery, and a more reliable print function. Make-A-Map is equipped with over 200 layers of information from eight different themes established by content experts in each field. Users can combine and examine the information in several ways.

Tools like ‘sketch,’ ‘identify,’ and ‘measure,’ provide users with resources to find information for specific locations. The dual view offers bird’s-eye and street-level views. Maps can also link to other pages on the website.

Potential users of Make-a-Map include:

  • Community leaders and staff looking to compare what’s happening in their community with the surrounding area.
  • Someone considering moving to a new city can view and compare transit options for each of the locations.
  • Developers, businesses, and real estate brokers interested in understanding how a community will grow within the next 30 years.
  • Journalists and citizens in need of general information, or interested in issue-focused maps, such as water supply issues or natural resource issues.

Make-A-Map includes a help section to guide users around the site. Short tutorial videos are also available to explain more complex mapping capabilities. Maps can be made of any part of the 7-county Twin Cities Metro region. Data outside the region focus on themes that impact or influence the 7-county region; the further away from the Twin Cities the less information is available for mapping.

Thanks to the Council GIS Web development team of Jim Gonsoski, Matt McGuire and Craig Skone. The new version of Make-a-Map would not have been possible without their creative work.

Users of Make-a-Map can choose from among more than 200
layers of information – such as planned land use, shown
here – to create custom maps.