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Future Trends in Geospatial Information Management
By Steve Swazee, SharedGeo 

In late April, the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management met in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to consider future trends in the world of geospatial data management. In advance of that meeting, Peter Batty, founder and VP at Ubisense, was asked to produce a short background report to help shape conversations going forward and serve as the starting point for the committee's final report to be released in summer 2013.

The 8-page interim report Future Trends in Geospatial Information Management: The Five to Ten Year Vision sets a brisk pace. It identifies over 80 developments that “...will contribute to the local, national and global strategic agendas of economic growth, social cohesion and well-being, environmental sustainability, disaster management, public safety and good governance.”

I can't recommend strongly enough a review of this document. It's a quick read and by the time you are done there will be little doubt that the geospatial world ahead is going to be very different place than what we know today.

Editor’s Note:  Peter Batty was the opening keynote speaker at the MN GIS/LIS Consortium conference in October 2009, with the topic “The Geospatial Revolution”. The geothought blog offers his observations on geospatial and location technology.