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2018 Spring Workshops
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2018 MN GIS/LIS Consortium Workshops  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 | 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
University Minnesota Minneapolis Campus

Each Half-Day Workshop = $100.00

Refreshments and lunch are included in your registration fee.
Please indicate that you will be attending lunch on the registration page.

AM Workshops

AM01 Half Day (Lecture/Hands-On) – Leveraging Drone Technology

9:00am – 12:00pm
Audience Level: Beginner
Instructor:  Katie Gilmore, PAAP Drones and Cheri Gagne
Accuracy. Resolution. Application. Drone technology is changing the way we work with aerial data.  Join us for an in-depth discussion about the latest drone, sensor, and software technology, and step through an aerial data collection project from pre-planning to flight (weather dependent) and post processing activities.  We'll also discuss your responsibility as a organization evaluating drone services, applicable laws and whether you should contract for drone services or create your own drone organization. 

AM02 Half Day (Hands-On) – Introduction to QGIS CANCELLED

9:00am – 12:00pm
Audience Level: Beginner
Instructor:  David Kramar, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Participant Software/Hardware Required: QGIS software (downloadable from (I recommend the install OSGeo4W):
This workshop is intended to introduce the students to the basic functionality of QGIS. We will cover basic tasks from opening data, to joining table, to geoprocessing tasks. If time allows, we will discuss some of the plugin options that extend QGIS to other opensource GIS platforms, as well as R.

AM03 Half Day (Hands On) – Story Maps 101

9:00am – 12:00pm
Audience Level: Beginner
Instructor:  John Nerge and Hannah Bubacz, City of Brooklyn Park
In this workshop, we'll cover the basics of what story maps are and how you can use them to tell powerful stories with your data. We'll talk about all of the different story map templates, how to pick the right one to use, and what kind of supporting information you'll need to make one. Along with covering the concepts, you'll get your hands dirty and actually build some story maps yourself. Whether you're brand new to story maps or are looking to take your storytelling skills to the next level, this course is for you.

AM04 Half Day (Lecture/Hands-On) – Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for ArcGIS Desktop Users

9:00am – 12:00pm
Audience Level: Beginner
Instructor:  Rebecca Barney, University of Minnesota and Jacob Hartle, University of Minnesota
Equipment/Software Required: ArcGIS Pro
This hands-on workshop will introduce Esri's newest Desktop application, ArcGIS Pro. Participants will learn about the various changes from ArcMap and gain experience with the new interface through multiple exercises.

AM05 Half Day (Hands-On) – Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: Knowing Your Options

9:00am – 12:00pm
Audience Level: Intermediate
Instructors:  Chad Nunemacher, Houston Engineering and Paul Hedlund, Houston Engineering
Equipment/Software Required: Optional: Laptop with compatible Window OS and full admin privileges.  See Web AppBuilder Dev Edition requirements:
In this session you will become familiar with the components that make up the Web AppBuilder (WAB) framework.  App creation using the integrated ArcGIS Online version of the WebAppBuilder as well as the installation, configuration, and deployment the developer’s version will be explained and demonstrated. We will also show how to incorporate shared widgets into the Web AppBuilder development software. Last but not least, we will provide instructions and guidance in creating a custom widget for use in the WAB development software.

AM06 Half Day (Lecture) – Handcuffed by the Map

9:00am – 12:00pm
Audience Level: Intermediate
Instructor:  Cory Richter, City of Blaine
This is a look at the day-to-day work of crime analysis through the eyes of a crime analyst team at a local jurisdiction. We'll talk about who makes up the team, the law enforcement software that is used, CompStat, monitoring patterns, communicating with detectives and patrol officers, the impact of social media and how that helps or hinders, and opportunities for GIS as a partner. We'll talk about what can make a person successful as an analyst and a valued member of the analysis team. You'll walk out with a basic understanding of the techniques that are actively used by law enforcement and the software they depend upon. You'll also receive insights that will help you decide if criminal analysis and intelligence work is for you.  Laptop and special software is not required. The calculations and worksheets will be provided for the statistics portion and pattern recognition. Materials provided will not contain law enforcement sensitive information.

AM07 Half Day (Hands-On) – Expand your Python GIS capabilities

9:00am – 12:00pm
Audience Level: Intermediate           
Instructor:  Zeb Thomas, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Equipment/Software Required: If bringing own laptop, ArcGIS 10+ would be helpful for some exercises, but a computer lab should be available for those parts.
This workshop is designed for GIS professionals with some Python experience who want to expand their capabilities and improve their scripting efficiency. It will introduce a number of strategies for solving GIS problems using Python, with accompanying exercises and numerous scripting examples. Topics covered will include common mistakes, opportunities for efficiency improvements, organizing your scripts for code reuse, and introductions to useful Python modules. Such modules include arcpy, ArcGIS toolbox tools, requests, psycopg2, and GDAL/OGR.

AM 08 Half Day (Lecture/Hands-On) – Taking your enterprise GIS public with Hub Open DataCANCELLED

9:00am – 12:00pm
Audience Level: Intermediate
Instructor:  Simon Morgan, Three Rivers Park District, Brett Frahm, Three Rivers Park District, and Amanda Huber, Three Rivers Park District
Taking your enterprise GIS public with Hub Open Data.

PM Workshops

PM01 Half Day (Lecture/Hands-On) – 3D Modeling, Printing and Laser Cutting for GIS CANCELLED

1:00pm – 4:00pm
Audience Level: Intermediate           
Instructor:  Rebecca Barney, University of Minnesota
Equipment/Software Required: QGIS or ArcGIS Pro, Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator
Learn how to play with GIS data to make 3D models, 3D prints and 3D laser cuts from readily available datasets. Course will focus on methods and processes for 3D modeling, and will not be creating 3D prints or Laser cuts in class.  

PM02 Half Day (Hands-On) – An Introduction to Google Earth Engine CANCELLED

1:00pm – 4:00pm
Audience Level: Beginner     
Instructor:  Jacob Hartle, U-Spatial
This three-hour workshop introduces participants to the various image analysis capabilities that Google Earth Engine offers. Topics covered in this course include adding satellite imagery, calculating vegetation indices, clipping the imagery to a study area, and exporting the imagery for use in another program.

PM03 Half Day (Hands-On) – Geospatial Metadata: Standards, Tools, and Workflows

1:00pm – 4:00pm
Audience Level: Beginner
Instructor:  Melinda Kernik, University of Minnesota Libraries and Karen Majewicz, University of Minnesota Libraries
Equipment/Software Required:  Laptop or Desktop with ArcGIS10.x or above; Minnesota Metadata Editor (free Windows application)
Frustrated by the time-consuming, ever present task of metadata creation?  This workshop will provide help you get a handle on the content and structure of commonly used metadata standards in Minnesota. We will demonstrate the most useful features of ArcCatalog’s built-in metadata tools, ArcGIS Online’s metadata editor, the Minnesota Metadata Editor, and several batch editing plugins and scripts. Along the way, we will be discussing why metadata is such a vital part of the preservation and discovery of geospatial resources. Participants are welcome to bring their own datasets or metadata challenges for discussion.

PM04 Half Day (Hands-On) – Introduction to Remote Sensing in a QGIS Environment

1:00pm – 4:00pm
Audience Level: Beginner                 
Instructor:  Valquiria Quiriono, MSUM
Equipment/Software Requirement: QGIS
This workshop is intended to introduce participants to basic remote sensing functionalities available in the software QGIS. Topics that will be covered include: image composite and subset, contrast enhancement, vegetation indices, atmospheric correction, and image classification.

PM05 Half Day (Hands-On) – Preparing and Collecting Data with ESRI’s Collector

1:00pm – 4:00pm
Audience Level: Beginner
Instructor:  Tami Maddio, City of Eagan and Leah Sperduto, Tami Maddio
Equipment/Software Requirement: Bring personal laptop
Want to get started with Collector but aren't sure where to begin? We will go through the process from start to finish. Beginning with preparing data and creating a web map to collecting data and using the data. Using data in other applications and related tables will be covered.

PM06 Half Day (Lecture) – The Rectangular Land Surveys in Minnesota

1:00pm – 4:00pm
Audience Level: Beginner     
Instructor:  Rod Squires, University of Minnesota
The workshop will provide an overview of the historical geography of the rectangular survey lines in the United States, paying particular attention to Minnesota.  A main focus will be on the surveying process and the outcomes, the field notes, the township plats, and the network of corner monuments. The continued relevance of this historical and relative locational system, and its importance in modern cadastral systems, will also be covered.

PM07 Half Day (Hands-On) – ArcGIS Server: Administration and Advanced Topics

1:00pm – 4:00pm
Audience Level: Advanced
Instructor:  Justin Hansen, WSBB & Associates, Inc.
This workshop serves as an advanced look into ArcGIS Server from both the IT and GIS management perspective. Existing users of ArcGIS Server will find the most benefit from this course as topics will range from installation recommendations, system architecture guidelines, security best practices, load testing and more. In addition, we will discuss how ArcGIS Server fits within Esri’s evolving Enterprise GIS platform and how you can best integrate it with your GIS portal: ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. We will also discuss what’s new at ArcGIS Server 10.6 and its impact on your organization. This course will benefit both IT professionals and GIS Managers seeking to understand how to best manage their ArcGIS Server deployment and related resources. While this workshop is target at advanced users with ArcGIS Server experience, it will provide a solid introduction to core ArcGIS Server concepts.

Spring Workshop Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be computers provided for the hands-on workshops?

Unless noted otherwise, computers will be provided for all hands-on workshops.   Additional software/equipment questions can be directed to Len Kne:

Will lunch and refreshments be provided?

Yes, lunch and refreshments will be provided as part of your registration fee. Please indicate that you will be attending lunch on the registration page.

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